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We do work criminal defense in Cuttack cases, we work child custody, and we locate people either for attorneys or for companies. Best Detective Agency Cuttaklooked for adoptive parents. An individual knows that they were adopted and would like to know a little know more information, or meet their adoptive parent. We'll try to locate those people in Cuttack. We serve legal process, we do background checks, we may do surveillance for businesses in order to determine actual customer traffic compared to what a given business may be reporting. One I can think of is a business that was involved in automotive repair and the reported numbers what they should have been, so we conducted one days worth of surveillance using video just to count the number of cars that went in and out of the bay doors that were being worked on and provided that to them and they worked their numbers from there. We help with what we call due diligence Cuttack, which is if someone is getting ready to enter into a business arrangement with a party. Best Detective Agency Cuttak provide not only secret information, but also evidences, without which the piece of information is but meaningless at times in Cuttack. Thus, our undercover agents make sure they collect proofs in the form of audio clippings, visuals as still photos and videos, and also as documents photocopied, as and when required.

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